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Where to Get a Passport Photo Taken in Iwakuni?

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

Passport Photos

Looking for a place to take your passport photo in Iwakuni?   Most of these places you will probably recognize and you might have never known the passport photo booths existed at these locations.  There are four locations to have your photo taken in the Iwakuni area.  Hold on a second!  Before you leave the house now…ensure you do the following:

  • Look up the passport requirements for your photo.
  • Bring YEN!

Click below for Passport Requirements


Max Value Supermarket 

  • Passport Photobooth provides English menu
  • Go out the Main Gate and proceed to Route 188
  • On Route 188 pass ENEOs gas station and go further to the triangle intersection
  • You will see DOCOMO shop to your left and a Family Mart on your right
  • Take a sharp right turn here and proceed down the road
  • You will see Max Value supermarket on your left side. The passport photo booth is located at the left entrance.

Below is the passport photo from this booth at Max Value:

Fuji Grand Department Store

  • Near Iwakuni JR train station
  • Get on Route 188 at the four corners intersection outside of the main gate
  • Take a right turn towards Iwakuni JR train station
  • When you cross the railroad track, you will see Fuji Grand department store at the big intersection
  • The passport photo booth is located on the right side facing the main entrance

You Me Town Mall

  • Take a left towards the south at the four corner intersection on Route 188
  • Heading to Minami Iwakuni JR train station
  • When you reach the Gyoza house after passing the JR train station, take a right and you will see the sign You ME Town
  • Pictures can be taken here at the nearest passport photo booth there.



Kitamura Photoshop

  • Go out the main gate and take a right towards the Fuji grand department store on route 188
  • When you reach the big intersection at the Fuji grand department store take a left
  • Proceed to another big intersection near Iwakuni Police office and Iwakuni City office
  • Take a right turn at the intersection goes further to see the Kitamura camera shop next to seven eleven convenience store.

Things to Remember

Plan on going back to the US soon?  Well, if you are planning on going back to the states to visit.  Ensure that you stamp your passport before going back to the states.  If you don’t you will NOT be able to re-enter Japan!   A stamp is good for one year! Click to view: Customs and Immigration




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