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VPN vs Smart DNS Proxy Services | Guidance for you

VPN vs DNS Proxy services guidance for you
(Last Updated On: November 20, 2017)

VPN vs Smart DNS Proxy Services

If you stumbled upon this post its because you are surfing the web for a good VPN or Smart DNS proxy to either get or stay connected to your favorite streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu by watching your favorite shows…Stranger Things, Glow, Defenders, or just movies to pass the time. In this article, I will discuss VPN vs Smart DNS Proxy services guidance.


What is VPN?  VPN for short is Virtual Private Network.  VPN is a highly secured private network dedicated to connecting your endpoints anywhere while using the Internet to watch videos (Netflix or Hulu), download music and do online banking safely.

How is it used? Since 1996, companies have been using VPNs to connect securely between their locations for remote access for their employees, between customers and suppliers and with their cloud service providers.  Just imagine your home network is like an office network which a private network goes through a VPN connection of your choice to your computer (PC or MAC), tablets (iPad), smartphones (iPhone or Android) that are able to securely connect with everyone else on the Internet that are part of the same private network.

Why is VPN important?  A VPN is important because cyber crimes are on the rise and the costs can be enormous if hacked especially your online banking account or credit card information saved on Amazon.  A VPN plays a vital role in keeping data safe while you surf the Internet on your home network.



  • Secure to become anonymous online
  • Get access to blocked content, bypass geo-restrictions (videos/music files)
  • Anonymous downloading
  • Connection encrypted
  • Traffic data private and safe from hackers, government, censorship and other dangers of the Internet


  • Speed issues
  • Cost

Recommended VPNs

Express VPN – Used for anonymous surfing, file sharing, BitTorrent, remote access, unblocking video streaming and unblocking websites.  Pick the country and city (USA, Japan, etc) works on PC, MAC, laptop, and smartphones.  For smartphones, you have to download the app.  Express VPN protects your privacy while you are on the Internet and fools your location to think you are in USA vice Japan.

PRO – Very fast downloading speed!
CON – Only two devices at the same time and separate logins for each device.

Strong VPN

Strong VPN – Used for remote accessing, unblocking video streaming, unblocking websites, and torrenting.

PRO – Strong VPN has been around since 1995 and has experience in VPN.
CON – a little expensive.

Hola Google Extension

Hola – Hola is a Google Extension.  Access blocked websites with unlimited free VPN in your location.

PRO – Unlimited free VPN.
CON – Little to no anonymity

Avast Secureline VPN

Avast Secureline VPN – Avast offers VPN services and has Antivirus software for free. Check out the prices for VPN services as each package depends on how many devices need the services.

PRO – Good speed! 
CON – Confusing prices!

Smart Data Source Name (DSN) Proxy

Smart DNS proxy is a technology which allows Internet users all over the world to unblock geo-restricted or geo-blocked websites like Netflix and Hulu and many more popular websites which contain regional-restricted content.  While proper smart DNS proxy services are completely safe, you can add an extra layer of online security and privacy using VPN instead.  VPNs network encrypts your Internet traffic and hides your IP address.  Smart DNS proxy service provides neither feature, unfortunately.

PROs/CONs of smart DSN proxy:


  • Much faster
  • Cheaper
  • Setup is much faster.  No need for software.
  • Any device can easily set up with smart DNS


  • Man-in-the-middle attacks

Recommended Smart DNS Proxy


Unblock-Us – A DNS unblocking service. No software to install.  Does not slow down Internet speed.  With VPN you have to always connect, but with Unblock-US works transparently in the background.

PRO- Cheaper than VPN.
CON – No privacy protection and security.


Getflix – No software to install.  Bypass geo-restrictions.

PRO – Cheap and a 14-day trial.
CON – If you cancel the plan, they do not refund for unused time.

Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy –  You can visit any blocked website in your location and unblock more globally.  Works on PC, MAC, mobile device, iPad, and your home entertainment system.

PRO – 14-day free trial.

CON – You need to understand instructions to install.


UnoTelly – UnoTelly provides both DNS and VPN.  Blocks Ads and malware.  Privacy Protection.  Parental Control.  Protects from ISP spying.

PRO – 8-day trial.
CON – Does not provide support for BitTorrent and other torrent clients.

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