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Learn Japanese
(Last Updated On: November 20, 2017)

Learn Japanese

Konnichiwa! Having a hard time trying to learn Japanese for the first time or trying bust that plateau?   Well, you are in luck because I have been learning Japanese for a few years now and I think I can help you get started.  I have put together a list of tools that helped me with learning Japanese:

1.  Apps   

Download the latest apps either on your iPhone, iPad, Android or any device that supports Apps.   Visit the following website for the top apps and more: http://learnjapanesehub.com/

iKnow, Imiwa?, Memrise, Mira Japanese, Mind Snacks, Dr. Moku Katakana & Hiragana, Rosetta stone, and Japanese iTranslate.  I use all these apps daily.  My favorite app is Mind Snacks.  It is a lot of fun and you learn many Japanese words daily.  I recommend you start using Dr. Moku apps first so that you can read hiragana and katakana.  You can learn and read both in one day! 

Dr. Moku’s Hiragana & Katakana App

2.  Learning New Words

I always have my smartphone handy when learning news word.  I use the iTranslate app to learn new words every day.  I do NOT recommend you using Google translate because it is not always correct.  I should know because my wife is Japanese and she does not approve Google translate but does approve iTranslate.

3.  Post-it Notes

Post it notes work great with learning Japanese.  If you want to learn a new word or want to know what it is then post it.  When I first started learning Japanese I had post-it notes on everything throughout the house. Once I learned that word I would get rid of the post-it note or just keep it there for memory.

4.  Listen to the News

Listen to the Japanese news daily on the way to work, at home, or just background sound.  Listen to the way Japanese talk, pick up on the sound of the words being said and try to pick up on words you know.

5.  Speak ONLY Japanese

Try only speaking in Japanese every day and not in your current language. I try to talk to my children and wife only in Japanese at home all the time. Well, it is easy for me to do this because I live in Japan.  You can get a tutor like visiting the website: http://learnjapanesehub.com/ and scroll down to italki.  You have to pay, but it is worth the cost to speak to someone in another language.

6.  YouTube videos  (Learning Basic Japanese)

Get your learning on with these YouTube videos or watch anime Japanese cartoons in Japanese:

7.  Resources

My favorite links:

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