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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

Iwakuni Internet

Iwakuni Japan Internet NTT WiMAX Services.  Do you think you are spending way too much money for your current Internet provider?   There are cheaper ways of getting the right Internet services without spending hundreds of dollars each month.

Internet Services Providers (ISP)

There are two types of ISPs that you will need to establish an Internet connection.  First, you will need a line and hardware from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT).   Second, after line (fiber optic wires) and hardware install you need to contact an ISP to get an Internet connection.  Here is a list of ISPs: Asahi Net, Open Computer Network (OCN), So-net, Biglobe, @nifty, AU One Net, NTT Plala, NTT Docomo, Internet Initiative Japan, and Yahoo BB.  Another option is you can sign up for an ISP for Internet connection first and then the company will pass the application to NTT directly for installation of the line and hardware.

If you decide to go with NTT, the Internet speed will be ludicrous speed (Extremely fast).   If you decide to go with NTT, I recommend you getting Open Computer Network (OCN) as your Internet provider.   Do note you will have to pay for NTT and the ISP.   You may end up paying for two bills, or you can look into getting the bills combined.   If you are not looking into getting NTT then continue to read about WiMAX.


In Japan, WiMax has become popular cause people prefer the option to have WiFi with them everywhere they go and as a source of Internet at home.  WiMax network is available in major cities, but some areas pass the city limits might not have good reception or speed.  Currently, we have WiMAX2+ from Yamada electronic store.   We pay at least  ¥3000 ($30.00)  a month.  You can also get WiMAX from Softbank or Docomo.


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