Welcome to Iwakuni 岩国 Blogspot!

Welcome to my very first blog website Iwakuni Blogspot!  This is so awesome!  I have told my wife that I am going to create a blog website to share valuable information, my ideas, teaching people about various things, and about Japan. Well, mainly about Iwakuni, but I will share my experience with visiting all areas of Japan for you.

So…why Iwakuni?  Well, I now live in Iwakuni, Japan and I plan on being here for a very long time.  Iwakuni is a beautiful city with the most popular sightseeing spot the famous Kintai Bridge.

So welcome as we adventure in the world of Iwakuni Blogspot.


Below are the following topics I chose to blog on my website.  Later on I might add more topics, but for now here is what you will find on the Iwakuni Blogspot.

– Everything there is to know about Iwakuni Japan.  I will do my best to keep everyone informed about Japanese food, shopping, culture, or anything that Japan offers.

– How-to.  How to carry out a specific task at work, home or just about anything in life.  I really like this topic because you can blog just about everything on this topic.

– How to set up a WordPress website.  I will show you how I created my blog website and the hurdles I had to do to get this website up and running.

– Yinz ready?  Pittsburgh will always be my home.  Go Steelers!  I will teach you how to speak Pittsburghese.

– Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) is a type of brain damage.  My daughter was born with a slight PVL on her right side of her brain when she was born in 2012.  She was born as a preemie along with her brother.  Twins!   I want to provide information on how my wife and I are currently going through helping our daughter with PVL.

I will do my best to offer as much information to you on Iwakuni Blogspot!  My plan is to keep adding more and more topics to this blog. So please come and follow me.

My Domain Name

I bought the domain name iwakuniblogspot.com on January 26, 2015, for my wife.  I was going to build the website for her, but she decided not to use the domain. Since then the domain name was empty with no files until November 23, 2016.  I finally started building this website to start blogging.  Thanks GoDaddy.com for reminding of this domain to renew the domain name before Jan 2017.  So, I renewed the domain name and I told the wife she can join the blogging experience when she is ready.

That’s how Iwakuni Blogspot was born.

About Alan R Adams Jr (That’s me!)

About a year ago, I had wanted to build a website just like a web developer.  I always wanted to know what was under the hood of a website and how websites worked.  So,  I built two websites by coding with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.   The two websites are Mounting Medals Yourself and Learn Japanese Hub.  I learned how to code by myself along with the help of the Internet and watching hours of YouTube videos.  Now that I know how to code, WordPress makes it so much easier to build a blog website.  If you want to build a WordPress website I recommend you learn how to code first before using WordPress.  This will help you if you have to edit your code within WordPress. With WordPress it is easy to update, you have full control of the website, and very powerful with all the plugins!  Thanks WordPress for spoiling me!

More about me…

In 2006, I married my wife in Okinawa.  We are still holding strong together, today.  I have fraternal twins one boy and one girl.  Serving in the military since 2002.  I plan on retiring sometime by 2022 if the wife lets me and by then my first blog website Iwakuni Blogspot is successful along with many more websites in the future.  In the future, I want to work from home and be my boss.

My passion is technology.  I received my bachelor degree in Information Technology Security Systems from the University of Phoenix in 2014.  Since then, I have done my best to keep up with technology by setting goals. My first goal was to create a website.  Check.  Next goal is to create an App for the iPhone, but what?  When I figure it out I will let you know.  Along with making my blog website successful, I am learning about ethical hacking with Kali Linux.  This is another passion of mine to understand how hackers compromise computer systems, wifi, and passwords.

Thank you for stopping by and come and follow me…

My goal is to learn and share this blog with you!