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iPhone Repair Shops in Iwakuni and Hiroshima Japan | Where to

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

iPhone Repair Shops in Iwakuni and Hiroshima

iPhone repairs…if you are not handy with repairing your own iPhone.  You can consider getting someone to help you with repairing your iPhone with the quickness.  You can find local Apple repair shops that have technicians with tools to fix your issues with your iPhone.  However, if you are handy with a tool then you are in luck cause there are iPhone kits for batteries and screens which you can purchase online from Amazon.  Very easy to install new screens or batteries that will only take 2 minutes of your time! Whatever you do…do not by a new iPhone unless you are upgrading to the next model, calling it quits with Apple or purchasing an Andriod smartphone.

Ok, for all you Android folks that do not like iPhones.  Here is a website that has answers to fixing your beloved smartphone.   Also, iPhone users can use this website as well.  Website link:  ifixit

Another mentioned website is iMore iPhone repair.  This website has tons of videos for repairing your iPhone. Best of luck!

Iwakuni Area


There is an Apple repair shop in Iwakuni called PiPoPA Shop Click on the link for English page and directions.  You can find the directions on Facebook.  They can repair iPhone screens and replace your iPhone battery.


iFix Iwakuni

More local business in Iwakuni is iFix Iwakuni.  Simply just message the folks at iFix Iwakuni with your issues such as cracked screen or battery is dead.


Hiroshima Area

Quick Garage

There is an Apple service provider in the Edion store in Hiroshima. It is on the first floor. It’s called Quick Garage and they have techs there that speak English.  Click on the Quick Garage for the English page to include directions to their office.




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