Iwakuni Japan

Beer in Iwakuni 岩国 and Hiroshima 広島

Iwakuni Beer
(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

Beer in Iwakuni 岩国  and Hiroshima 広島

Beer, beer, and more beer! Looking for good craft beer or new beers to drink in the local area of Hiroshima or Iwakuni? Craft beers are growing in Japan and if you live close to the Hiroshima area there is one beer shop that sales all kinds of beer called Liquor Land Kimura.  This beer shop has craft beers and beers from other countries.  They have many selections to choose from beer, wine, and spirits.  Check out the photos from their facebook page.


 Beer Map – directions to Liquor Land Kimura in Hiroshima:

 13 Hagoromochou, Naka-ku Hiroshima, Japan


 Monday thru Saturday from 10 AM – 7 PM ~ Closed Sunday

World Liquors Iwakuni 岩国 

If you live in the Iwakuni area and do not want to drive far. There is a beer store downtown near the Iwakuni train station. World Liquors Iwakuni has a small selection of craft beers and other beers from other countries. Consider coming here if you do not want to make that drive to Hiroshima.

 Beer Map – directions to World Liquors in Iwakuni

Iwakuni Supermarkets 

If you are out and about and doing some shopping. Most of the supermarkets in the Iwakuni area have craft beers.  You will mostly see craft beers at these supermarkets: MaxValu, Fresta Mall, YouMe Town, Manso,  Fuji Grand, and Chuo Food.

Yamaguchi 山口 Beer

Iwakuni is located in the Yamaguchi prefecture and it has its very own craft beer from the Yamaguchi Narutaki Kogen Brewery.  You can find these beers in YouMe Town or go visit the brewery.

Iwakuni Beer

Homebrewing Beer in Japan

If you feel like brewing beer yourself it is not too difficult to do in Japan. You can find beer supplies at Tokyu Hands downtown Hiroshima, but this place only has a small selection of supplies.  You should consider purchasing online for your supplies.  I read a good article you can follow or check out some YouTube videos on how to homebrew beer at home.


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