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Campagne Italian Restaurant | Pizza, Spaghetti and More

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2018)

Campagne Italian Restaurant

Mama mia! It’s me, Campagne! Do you enjoy and love Italian food? Well then, Campagne is a popular Italian restaurant in Iwakuni. The restaurant has pizza, spaghetti and much more to choose from their menu. Brick oven pizza? You got it…choose from eight different types of pizza. Every pizza comes with some type of topping.  How about spaghetti to go with your pizza? There are ten different types of spaghetti to choose from.  Also, let’s not forget the appetizers!  Get the leaning tower of onion rings or the assorted sausages. Most of all, Campagne does have English menus which include pictures.  It’s a great restaurant to take children to as well.

English Menu

campagne Italian restaurant | pizza and spaghetti
Pasta Menu
campagne Italian restaurant | pizza and spaghetti
Pizza Menu
campagne Italian restaurant | pizza and spaghetti
Meat, Fish and Fondue Menu
campagne Italian restaurant | pizza and spaghetti
Antipasto, Fried, and Dessert Menu

Marukyu (Grocery)

After you are done eating do some grocery shopping.  Marukyu grocery store is right behind Campagne Italian Restaurant.

More Italian Restaurants

If you are looking for more Italian Restaurants other than Campagne.  Below is a list of Italian Restaurants in the Iwakuni area.

Mottimo Pasta at the Cazl Mall or also know as Fresta.  If you don’t want to wait in the line for sushi then go to this restaurant.  You will not regret it. Trust me!

Maple City – go towards Hiroshima on route 2 and the restaurant is on the right. Spaghetti and pizza are excellent!

Jolly Pasta – go towards Hiroshima on Route 2 and it is on the right.  This is a good restaurant to take children, too.  For the adults, they have a really good spicy sauce to put on your pizza and spaghetti. Will you accept the challenge? Also, they have to go!

If you are not in the mood for pasta then how about Sushi? Sushi is always good, especially with some beers! Kanpai!!

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