Where to eat first in Iwakuni | Just arrived

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Kintai bridge

What restaurants to eat for the first tim in Japan?  Sushi, Yakiniku, Curry, Shabu Shabu or Ramen?   All your friends are recommending you to go to this place first before anything.   What to do?   Kaito Sushi aka Sushi-Go-Round Sushi-Go-Round   The best sushi place in Iwakuni. Great service and great food!  Kaito Sushi! This restaurant has a […]

Iwakuni Japan

PCSing to Iwakuni, Japan | Iwakuni One Source

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PCSing to Iwakuni, Japan Congratulations!  You are PCSing to Iwakuni, Japan!  Japan has beautiful scenery and amazing food. There is so much to do in Japan.  Below I have provided you with all the tools you need to successfully PCS and to start exploring Japan.  Ensure to “Like” or “Join” any/all Iwakuni-related pages on Facebook […]