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The Best Sushi Restaurants in Iwakuni | Sushi Guide

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2018)

Iwakuni Sushi Restaurants | Japan

New Sushi Place!  Opened 22 Oct 2018.  Google Map to Hamazushi Sushi Restaurant. Open every day from 1100 –  2300.

Iwakuni are you ready for a mouthwatering blog about the best sushi restaurants?  In addition, I provide a sushi restaurant guide about the different types of restaurants that include some really awesome videos of Sushi-go-round restaurants. Most of all, the different five types of sushi you can eat while you are in Japan. Not to mention, there are at least 29 sushi restaurants in Iwakuni. Furthermore, sushi is a very delicious dish, but it is hard to narrow down the best sushi restaurants in Iwakuni.

Since sushi can be found at every corner of every street in Japan. Sushi is a delicate dish that is incredibly healthy and delicious to eat for you and your family. Also, warning please do not forget about the wasabi that is hiding between the rice and fish.  Wasabi looks like guacamole.  Wasabi is similar to horseradish in the United States and is a different kind of plant grown in Japan.  Horseradish is used in the states for sushi while the real wasabi is used in Japan. Almost all sushi comes with wasabi, but you can request without wasabi.

Guide to carousel sushi restaurants in Japan.

Preferences on a Sushi Restaurant

To point out below, these are the preferences I use when looking for a sushi restaurant of my choice. You do not necessarily have to follow this, but consider it yours, too.

  • Sushi must go around! ♫ You spin me right round, sushi / right round like a sushi go round/right round round round / you spin me right round, sushi. ♫
  • I do not want to pay for high-end food unless it is my anniversary or something special like my son or daughter graduation.
  • Reservations must be at least today and not tomorrow.  I really do not want to wait a month or even a year for reservations.
  • Not far from the city, but close to the house.
  • As many do I have children of my own.  All sushi restaurants provide booster seats or high chairs for your children. Some restaurants will give your children toys or candy at the end of the meal.


Japan fun facts #1

Did you know there are at least four different types of Sushi restaurants? Please follow as I explain the four different types of sushi restaurants. This will be your sushi guide when you go out to adventure for sushi in Iwakuni or other areas of Japan.

The Sushi Restaurant Guide

1.  Kaiten-Sushi Restaurants (conveyor belt sushi restaurants) Sushi-Go-Round

One of the greatest inventions in Japan is the sushi-go-round sushi places! Sushi-go-round literally means rotation sushi in which the sushi is on a plate moving on a conveyor belt just like a train, but hurry!  If you are not quick enough to grab your favorite sushi plate it may never return. No worries. If you were not quick enough to grab your favorite sushi dish on the conveyor belt.  Sushi restaurants have touchscreen menu tablets on each table to order food as well as a button

 Expect to spend: ¥1,000 – ¥4,000 / $$ – $$$

2. Chain Sushi Restaurants

Sushi does not go around in these restaurants. These types of sushi restaurants are normal.  These sushi chain restaurants will offer set menus with pictures of sushi. No worries if you cannot speak Japanese. When you are ready to order just say, Sumimasen! Sumimasen means excuse me in Japanese. See now you know some Japanese. When the waiter or waitress comes just point to the picture of sushi of your liking and show how many pieces of sushi you want with your fingers.  I recommend sitting at the bar where the guy is preparing your sushi for you.

 Expect to spend: ¥2,000 – ¥5,000 / $$ – $$$

3. Family Sushi Restaurants

These small sushi establishments serve sushi to the local customers in the area. The locals in the area treat these establishments like local bars than a restaurant.  These restaurants you will find in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe or any cities in Japan. Probably wondering well..how good are these restaurants?  Just go out and try it for yourself.

 Expect to spend: ¥3,000 – ¥7,000 / $$ – $$$

4. High-end Sushi Restaurants

Do you want to make reservations at a high-end sushi restaurant? Call today, as reservations, may take up to a year to get in these restaurants. These high-end sushi restaurants have sashimi, appetizers, nigiri along with wine. Sounds like good dining, but a warning. These high-end sushi restaurants will spoil all the other sushi places you have visited. While waiting for reservations sometime next year just head out to the sushi-go-round place. After all, stay classy Japan!

 Expect to spend: ¥10,000 – ¥50,000 / $$$ – $$$

Sushi – Five different types

Now that you know what type of sushi restaurants there are in your local area of Japan. If you are new to eating sushi you probably do not know that there are at least five different types of sushi in Japan. Maybe more than just five, but who is counting? These are the most common sushi plates in Japan. Enjoy!
[wp_ad_camp_1] Nigiri (thin raw fish on a ball of sushi rice seasoned with vinegar)

Nigiri Sushi
Nigiri Sushi

Sashimi (fresh raw fish with no rice)

Sashimi Sushi
Sashimi Sushi

Maki (seaweed-wrapped (nori) rice roll with either fish and/or vegetables)

Maki Sushi
Maki Sushi

Uramaki (rice on the outside and the nori inside the roll )

Uramaki Sushi
Uramaki Sushi

Temaki (hand-rolled sushi)

Temaki Sushi
Temaki Sushi

Iwakuni Sushi Restaurants 

Most of the sushi places in the area of Iwakuni are delicious, but the most noteworthy sushi restaurants in Iwakuni are Mutenka Kura Sushi and Kaito Sushi, 

Mutenka Kura Sushi 

Mutenka Kura Sushi
Mutenka Kura Sushi







 Monday thru Friday:  1100 ~ 2300

 Saturday and Sunday including holidays: 1020 -2300


 Google Map Mutenka Kura Sushi:

Especially relevant as this is the go-to place! Bigger selection than Kaito Sushi aka 105 Yen. You can find this place at the CAZL mall or some people refer to it as Fresca mall. This place is very busy so make plans to do some shopping while you wait for your seat. The wait is normally about one hour or two hours. The best times to go as early as 11:00 AM for lunch or around 4:00 PM.  If you want to make reservations especially on the weekend do so.  Also, the atmosphere is very loud. No worries, your kids can be loud as they want. Note that Kura employees speak very little English.

CAZL mall
CAZL mall

Furthermore, each plate is at least ¥100. How high can you stack your plates? There is a touch screen at each table for ordering sushi and other food items on the menu. There are two conveyor belts. The lower belt is where the sushi is available and the higher conveyor belt is for the food that you order from the touchscreen. Below are videos of the Mutenka Kura sushi.

Mutenka Kura Sushi | Sushi-Go-Round

If you are new to this restaurant you may have difficulties trying to get your plate off on the conveyor belt.  After a few tries, you will get the hang of it, but be quick as it may never come back or just order from the touchscreen.

Almost forgot to mention about the game. The more plates you eat the more chances of winning a prize.   If you have children then this is the place to go! Prizes may vary as you may only win once.  It takes about 20 plates to win.

Kaito Sushi

Kaito Sushi
Kaito Sushi








 Monday thru Sunday Hours – 1100 ~ 2130


 Google Map to Kaito Sushi

Delicious sushi and excellent service!  This sushi restaurant was called sushi 105 Yen but now has new owners or maybe they just changed the name. Still the same place as before.  This place is right across the street from Yellow Hat.  Although the name of the restaurant changed, the sushi still taste the same!  I recommend this place if you are not able to Mutenka Kura Sushi in time, but beware this place does get busy too. The best times to go is at 11:00 AM for lunch or around 4:00 PM.

This place is good and not as loud as Mutenka Kura Sushi.  Grabbing plates from the conveyor belt is much easier and sushi chefs are out in the open preparing the food.  The employees speak more English than Mutenka Kura Sushi.  Please watch the videos below for Kaito sushi.

Kaito Sushi | Conveyor belt

It is lunchtime and sitting at the bar is very pleasant.  Enjoy a cup of hot green tea and your favorite sushi dishes such as salmon, shrimp, squid, and eel!

Kaito sushi | Touchscreen

This touch screen is very easy to use and upon sitting down the employees will change the language from Japanese menu to English menu for you. There are enough pictures on the touch screen to figure out what you want.  Also, there is an option to have wasabi or no wasabi on your sushi.


In conclusion, sushi is one dish you can not pass up especially if you are sitting at a sushi-go-round restaurant.  The sushi dish is known to be a famous outside of Japan. Until then favorite this post because the post will be updated on a day to day basis as I adventure to try out other sushi restaurants. Because I could not provide the top 10 or 5 sushi restaurants in Iwakuni. I have provided other honorable sushi restaurants.


Other Sushi Restaurants

Might be most noteworthy, but I will let you be the judge of these other sushi restaurants to visit in the Iwakuni area.  You have probably visited these sushi restaurants before.  If you have visited these places please post something about these.  Also, stay tuned to all my post by visiting my Facebook page.  Thanks and share!

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